Sunday, April 24, 2011

On Th' Wardobe of Anne Melford

I really, really shouldn't be getting into 1560s. And in the end, I probably won't until I have my own stays done.

But I suppose it cannot be helped...! I just want an o
pen doublet (with fun gown underneath) more than life itself right now, and it seems that the only way that's going to happen is if I give into all these fantastic examples of them from that very decade (and thereabouts)...

Sorry about the formatting. Myself and Blogspot aren't real great friends when it comes to pictures. XP Basically, the title is above the painting.

Two different portraits, both painted in 1565, of Francesco Terzio in the same gown. I love this. XD

Elizabeth I, 1563 (for under)

A Young Lady Aged 21, 1569
YOU'VE EVER SEEN?!?!!??!?!)

Lucrezia de Medici, 1560

An Englishwoman, 1560

Maria d'Cosimo, 1555

Unknown Lady, 1570

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