Friday, April 8, 2011

Baking Fort Sumter: An Adventure

The Occasion:

The Sesquicentennial of the commencement of the American Civil War at 4:30 AM on 12 April, 1861.

The Challenge:
Turn this into a cake- I'm calling it the Sumter!Cake.

The Plan:
I am debating whether I should do just the fort with someone changing the flag (er, maybe the CS on the pole and the US one on the ground with little orange frosting flames coming out of it? XP), or if I should do the fort itself a little smaller so I can fit in some artillery on the mainland too, like this-

The only issue with that is that then I have to go and buy extra figures to put on the thing (cannons, etc.). I think I have some Civil-War-esque figurines somewhere...

I'm thinking I might make it out of some kind of pumpkin cake/bread/stuff. That would probably make it closer to the right colour, anyways. I can draw on the white in frosting... maybe do the roof with some kind of cracker or something... I'll do the square (pentagon?) with some kind of crumb... the water around it will just be blue frosting. I wasn't going to do the chimneys, but maybe if I did chocolate creme wafers? The cake itself should be pretty easy to cut into shapes.

Any other ideas? I might go to a candy store to get some of those tiny white jawbreakers for the breakwater rocks. Nerds would work perfectly, but they don't do them in white I don't think. :(

But yeah... exciting! :D

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