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On Anne Melford

So, I'm clearly high off Renaissance Faire fumes, or I wouldn't have just spend four hours researching the persona of someone I get to be for about 24 full hours out of the year.

CADD, being the utterlie kynde affliction that it is, is being a rotten old thing. When I want to be working on 1860s (which I have to get done), I have other things to do. When I finally have the free time to work on 1860s, I want to be working on 1560s. What is life. Not fair, that's what. Well, life is faire... hehe get it? Fair, faire.... ok, stopping. XP

I don't have anything in great detail at present, but I have a general idea. Her story isn't a fraction of what Kate Devoy's is, but we're getting there. XD

It's a little hard to keep up since nobody seemed to want to name their children anything but John, William, and Mary, and since everyone's last name starts with a 'C', but we try!

Again, almost all of the genealogy is correct with the exception of Anne's immediate family ties- for example, William Cordell really did have a sister named Mary to whom he passed Melford, and he also really did have "another younger sister" who married into "a rich wool merchant family by the name of Melford". I have taken liberties with her parents' Christian names and the fact that they had a daughter by the name of Anne, but beyond that everything is pretty much correct.)

Anne Melford

Date of Birth:
6 June, 15-?

Place of Birth:
Long Melford, Suffolk, England. (The town is right on the border of Suffolk and Essex).

John Melford

Elizabeth Cordell


Relations of Note:
William Cordell & Mary Clopton (aunt and uncle, William her mother's brother).
William Cordell leased the manor of Melford Hall beginning in 1547 for £100 a year, but was granted it in 1554 by Quene Mary and knighted by Quene Elizabeth in 1558. Cordell served King Henry VIII as well as all of his children (and Quene Jane, for what it's worth) in various public offices throughout the years, so one can believe the writings that he was an exceedingly likable and diplomatic sort of man.
Mary Clopton was of the Clopton family who had owned the neighboring (literally, they're in the same town haha) Kentwell Hall since it passed to William Clopton in 1403 when he was twenty from his mother, who had owned it before her marriage.
William and Mary's marriage joined the two manors in Long Melford.

Thomas & Mary Savage (aunt and uncle, Mary her mother's elder sister).
Inherited/will inherit Melford Hall upon William's death in 1581.

Anne's father John Melford is of an old line of a very rich family who eared their fortune on the booming wool trade in Long Melford, which was established in the 13th century and still flourishes. Though not official nobility, the Melfords are exceedingly rich and move in the circles of court (which probably explains why their last name is also the town's heh) due not only to their wealth but also because of their connections through their uncle and his wife (Seriously the guy did everything- privy council, Speaker, you name it...
and ). Because William and Mary have no children, Anne is often at Melford Hall, and has an excellent relationship with her uncle and his wife, who are more often than not the ones who take her to court, seeing as her mother is very frail and her father prefers to tend to business at home.

So yes. That's Anne thus far. :]

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