Thursday, August 27, 2009


My sled inspiration pictures for Civil War Winter...
Victorian postcard. WIN.

The basic idea, but bigger because there will be two of us.

But I'm wondering if I should make it a) with sides/railed sides:
My logic for this is that not only might it be easier to hang on, but we shall have very large frocks on- it might be a good idea to make something to confine those.

B) Will skis on the bottom of the sled impede it's movement? I have a feeling it might just sink if the snow is too deep! I have always used saucers, and wonder if something like this would work better:

Only thing is, I've only seen Victorian sleds like the one up top (the one in the postcard and these):

The last one is a detail of a Victorian/Edwardian sled (I believe 1901) and how they were decorated. I just realized that one has handles to hold on to on the sides which also attach the blades. :P

What do you think? Help!

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