Sunday, June 28, 2009

And So It Begins...

My 1930s/1940s sewing marathon!

Going to Tuscany on Friday, and I'm theming it WWII. I must say, I've quite fallen in love with the lower hem lines of the '30s... <3

 It's mostly going to be skirts (blue, green, and red) and peasant blouses (white w/ blue embroidery), the main summer fashion of the '40s, and a one-piece and two-piece bathing suit, blue with white polka-dots and red gingham, respectively.  Also two dresses if I can fit 'em in.

I get to be Evelyn Tiedt (WWII-ness) for the week. Yay! A little bit about her... Born in Bremen in 1921, her family was brought from the poverty of the Depression in 1933 with the change of government. She moved to Aachen in 1939 to become a Helferin im das Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (nurse in the German Red Cross) when the war broke out when she was 18.  

So it's 1939 and thank God we're allied with Italy because DAMN that's a great vacationing spot... ;) 

Will update with pretty picsies regularly. :D

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